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We are proud to have launched over 200 churches, and the GlocalNet process is intentional and tested. Our training is not model-specific or denominational. Our training is not model-specific or denominational. Whatever the model of church you plan on planting, our training will equip you and prepare you. We don’t want you to plant a better church, we want you to plant a different church centered on Jesus and His Kingdom!

Our rich curriculum guides deeper teaching into the GlocalNet approach through in-person training with some of the top church planters in the US.

Our GlocalNet Cohorts are in-person trainings for church pastors where we dive even deeper into our philosophy, framework, methodology, and church planting. These four-day sessions are packed with a powerful curriculum meant to transform.

It’s time to remove the old church framework and establish a kingdom framework that will develop healthy, flourishing churches.

With a globally-minded approach, we don’t focus on the Sunday attendance numbers; instead, we focus on the aggregate of all the churches you have planted. We teach you to church your city, not just become the biggest church in the city. As a result, our churches have disproportionate influence locally and globally.

Details of this Cohort Training
The cohort is a training that consists of two segments designed to teach you Kingdom DNA and enable you to plant a church that engages the city and the world. Our Kingdom DNA focuses on four principles: Kingdom, Disciple, Society & Church. We engage where God’s Kingdom is at work in our cities, making disciples who engage every part of society so that the church of Jesus is built, grows in a healthy way & multiplies. Come learn from some of the best church planting pastors in the World.

What does GlocalNet Supply?
Curriculum: KingdomDNA training curriculum
Post-Training Coaching: After one has successfully completed the intensives, coaching will be available for those wanting to move forward (extra fees applied)
Post-assessment: If one is ready to plant a church, we help facilitate a detailed 360-degree post-cohort assessment for each participant that is desiring to plant, or use an existing assessment you may have already had (there is a separate cost for assessment)


Our training & coaching includes topics & resources such as:

Prospectus development
Fundraising help
Budget development
Children’s Ministry
Core Group development
Family health
Regular training videos on planting, budgeting, and engagement topic


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DATE: October 18-19, 2024
9:00am – 4:30pm

LOCATION: The Journey – Tower Grove, 4900 Reber Place, St Louis, Mo. 63139