Building Deep Relationships

Love Your Neighbor

Pastor Bob once said, “The love I have for a person has absolutely nothing to do with whether they follow Jesus or not. But it has absolutely everything to do with whether I follow Jesus or not.”

Religion is often blamed for many of the world’s conflicts. We believe religions can, and should, work together to serve their city and protect religious freedom for everyone. Evangelicals have largely been absent from previous interfaith activities. Here at GlocalNet and Pastor Bob’s other organization, Multi-Faith Neighbors Network (MFNN), we are changing that. Multi-faith allows us to hold on to our exclusive theology, while still building deep relationships with other faiths and serving our city together.

MFNN is a program that convenes pastors, imams, and rabbis from cities across the United States. Currently, over 180 congregations representing nearly 500,000 clergy members, have been involved. MFNN has done work around the world where religious conflict and tension exist.

  • All Are Created in the Image of God

    From the beginning, all people are created in the image of God and are sacred creation. (Genesis 1)

  • Sermon on the Mount

    Blessed are peacemakers. Called to be salt and light. Love your enemies. Seek first the Kingdom. (Matthew 5-7)

  • Love Your Neighbor

    The parable of the "Good Samaritan" teaches Christians that we are called to love others, without regard to theological or ideological differences. (Luke 10)

  • Love for One Another

    If we do not love each other, there is no evidence that we are in relationship with God (John 13:35) and commanded to love all including even enemies (Matthew 5:44).

  • The Kingdom of God

    Jesus declared that He came preaching the good news of the kingdom of God (Luke 4:43). The kingdom of God is the rule & reign of Christ over all things.

  • Every Religion is a Minority Somewhere

    How Christians treat minority faiths in the US makes a massive impact on how Christians are treated worldwide where they are the minority faith.

  • Better Understanding of the World

    Gain a better understanding of the beliefs and cultural life from experiencing the traditions of others. This gives us a better understanding of different viewpoints and might adjust how to communicate with others.

  • Peaceable Living

    In Romans 12, we find a priority for the Christian that guides their existence among those with whom they may disagree.

  • Displaying Jesus

    At the pinnacle of the Christian faith, stands Jesus Christ. He is not only the savior, but the model of all of His followers.

  • Opportunity to Share Faith

    Multi-Faith partnerships provide a level playing ground where we can learn about the faith of others, while providing us with the opportunity to share our faith as well.



Multi-faith is a challenge for many evangelicals. In this extensive article by Bob Roberts Jr, Micah Fries and Steve Bezner, we will endeavor to delineate a theology of multi-faith that demonstrates that our multi-faith commitment is both a profoundly Christian commitment and is rooted in historic evangelical theology.

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Multi-Faith Neighbors Network

Multi-Faith Neighbors Network was co-founded by Pastor Bob Roberts Jr. He has partnered with Imam Mohamed Magid, and Rabbi David Saperstein to create a program that convenes pastors, imams, and rabbis from cities across the United States. Currently, over 180 congregations, representing nearly 500,000 people, have been involved.


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