GlocalNet is a family of churches that exists to mobilize church members to engage society and create flourishing communities. We build and execute models with church planting in the public square to engage cities and nations. We start churches for the world!

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Lead a Church With Lasting Impact

We’re looking for a different breed of pastor: the risk-taker, the go-getter, and the impassioned kingdom-minded leader to join our family of transformative churches.

Our GlocalNet family looks different in every city, but our Kingdom framework bonds us together as a tightly knit community, a family of followers, who lean on each other for support. We believe that no one should walk through planting, leading, or establishing a church alone.

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Kingdom DNA Online Course

Take the First Step

Want an even deeper understanding of GlocalNet’s DNA and philosophy? Our short online video course, called “KingdomDNA,” acts as a GlocalNet 101. This series is the best next step to learn more and get connected with us.

We are looking for fearless, courageous pastors willing to go to the unknown for the Gospel.
Are you ready?

Connect with Us

Contact us below for more information about Church Planting, Donation Fund Requests, Training, or to connect with a GlocalNet pastor.

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