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If Your Church Closed Its Doors Would Your City Notice?

If we cannot be the church outside the church, then we were never really the church inside the church. When you become part of the GlocalNet family of pastors, you’ll learn how to apply a framework that helps your church thrive as a representative of God’s kingdom. If you’re ready to get serious about creating a flourishing church, start with our KingdomDNA Online Course, an enlightening overview of GlocalNet's DNA.


Why watch the Online Kingdom DNA course?

Learn how to remove the old church framework and establish a Kingdom framework that will develop healthy, flourishing churches.


KingdomDNA Course Benefits

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Your First Step to GlocalNet

This is the first step to getting more informed about who GlocalNet is and why we exist. This will give you an overview of our DNA, our mission, what makes us different and how to be a part.

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Short Yet Informative

This short, yet informative course gives an overview and understanding of our Kingdom DNA mindset.

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Explore At Your Leisure

You can pause and return to our Online Course at any time and pick up where you left off.

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Kingdom DNA Course

Take the First Step

Want an even deeper understanding of GlocalNet’s DNA and philosophy? Our short online video course, called “KingdomDNA,” acts as a GlocalNet 101. This series is the best next step to learn more and get connected with us.


What if the Church Were The Missionary?

Every believer should own the Great Commission, not just the religious professional or vocational minister. Through the Kingdom DNA of KDSC (Kingdom, Disciple, Society, Church), we encourage everyone to use their job and talents to mobilize the word of God into the public square.


Kingdom: The Foundation

Instead of focusing on being the biggest church in the area, church the area.


Disciple: The Unit

The lowest common denominator of how we spread the bold love of Jesus to the ends of the earth.


Society: The Grid

It’s not just about Christians showing up to do something FOR people, but it’s about Christians showing up to do something WITH people.


Church: The Body of Christ

What does it mean for a church to move from a Sunday event to being on-call 24/7 for God?