Walking Alongside Ministry Leaders

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Caring for the Caregivers

Now more than ever, ministry leaders are suffering from burnout, frustration, and fatigue. Pastors are tired, overwhelmed, lonely, and even depressed. Yet many continue to push through to lead and serve the churches under their care. As a family of churches, GlocalNet is focusing on improving pastor mental health and family care.


pastors frequently feel overwhelmed


describe their current physical state as “exhausted”


of pastors say they do not have one close friend


of pastors say finding time for their own spiritual development is difficult.


How We Can Help

  • In Crisis (talk to someone now)

    If you are in an immediate crisis and need guidance and support, we are here for you. We can connect you with our Pastor Care director to walk through it with you.

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  • Pastor Care Retreats

    Our focus is to provide relational, emotional, spiritual, and mental care for ministry leaders so that they are healthy for the long haul. Through our short retreats where ministry leaders can briefly step away from the constant pull of leading a church, they can experience three unique, yet vital pieces of care:
    ● Rest for their souls
    ● Relationships that are authentic
    ● Recreation that’s simple and fun

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  • Counseling Support

    We have a team of counselors trained to help pastors and staff through the struggles, anxiety, and weight of being a pastor.

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  • Webinars

    We have compiled a collection of helpful webinars, resources, and books that we recommend pastors and staff go through in efforts to combat burnout, anxiety, and more.

Reach Out to Us

We are here for you, pastor. Fill out the form below and give us the chance to reach out to you to talk or give you information on the Pastor Care retreats.

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